Purpose of hjortas.se

Hjortas.se is all about sharing my experiences in different hobbies where I am engaged such as RC exploring, First Person View, Metal detecting, Shooting and Mountain biking. I will share my experiences from the field and from the bench while modifying or building my platforms. I will focus on articles and in detail photos but i will use my youtube channel for videos. All in all i want to use this platform to lay the foundation of my on-line presence, the focus and content might vary with as my personal interests shifts.

Upcoming projects

While adding generic / background posts on regular basis there are few projects that i will cover in more details.  The first on is a complete build log of my new Skywalker X6 flying wing, the second project will cover the build of the new FPV ground station including RVGS antenna tracker. Guns and shooting will be added one by one until the complete gun safe have been reviewed and described.

I will also review some of the products that i have purchased over the years, both the really good ones and the really bad ones. I am not affiliated with anyone so it will be my own personal impressions and experiences (for good and bad).

There are thee other continues projects that i might share on hjortas.se and that is my passion for brewing beer, making my own high quality snus and hand loading ammunition for my handguns and rifles.

Meanwhile hjortas.se is beeing established I recommend you visiting the following sites for inspiration:

Swedish RC guru (RCexplorer)

RC fun and education (flight test)

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