2014 Skywalker 1800mm

2014 Skywalker 1800mm

2014 Skywalker 1800mm

With the fiasco with the Skywalker X6 I decided to go back to the basics and build my self a new Skywalker (i selected the 2014 skywalker 1800mm version). Its basically a FVP tank that can do most of the duties i will ask it to do.  I picked it from FPVmodel.com and it was shipped to me in about 2 weeks time, i spend few days locating the parts by salvaging other models to keep the cost down a bit. I went with a 1000kv motor from Turnigy (650w) and its going to push a 12×8 propeller (not the most efficient) but it will give me a decent climb rate ~9m/s (not bad for a “heavy tank”).

2015-09-12_16.51.41 2015-09-12_19.08.46 2014 Skywalker 1800mm

I have had great joy from my 2012 1680mm skywalker in the past and felt pretty confident going back to a similar model. There are some improvements on the 2014 version compared to the 2012. While examining the options for Skywalker models i went with the 2014 version as it seems to be the best wing solution (rubber band) for easy dismantling.

2014 Skywalker 1800mm 2015-09-12_16.52.28 2015-09-12_16.53.44 2015-09-12_16.54.09

The part list for my 2104 skywalker 1800mm

The frame of the 2014 skywalker 1800mm

RVOSD (just love this thing)

3542 1000kv Turnigy brushless motor

60 amp plush ESC

Mobius action camera on 260 degree pan servo (Henge)

Mini 3 camera switch to give me few new perspectives

Four 12g metal gear digital servos (EMAX)

Two mini 5v cameras (front and back) 170 degree view

Dragon link RX (of course)

Generic 400mw 5,8ghz video TX

Cloverleaf antenna

Few other bits; LC filter (home made), RX capacitor (home made), Discovery buzzer  “SOS”

The build

The 2014 Skywalker 1800mm went together fairly well even though there was no instructions included. Overall the quality is acceptable at the best (few dings here and there and expanded EPO on few locations) I can live with it. I made no major modifications to the model beside adding an extension cable out on the wing for the UHF antenna.  It is a seriously big model but surprisingly little space to place all of the electronics. It should really have a hatch on the side (i might add that for maintenance later on). I user primary Chinese magic glue, epoxy and hot glue to put it together. For some odd reason it did not come out 100% straight, not sure why since its basically impossible to get out of alignment, i think i can fix it by applying some brute force but for now it will do just fine.

Maiden in few days, videos to be posted.

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