Death of my skywalker x6 flying wing

Short post declaring the death of my skywalker x6 flying wing on maiden flight.

  1. three failed takeoffs
  2. 4th takeoff okayish, flying for about 10 seconds, reduced throttle and got stuck in spin of death. Clearly pilot mistake but this made me realize that i need something much easier to fly. I will rebuild my old skywalker or buy me a newer version. For agility flights ill probably stick to my quad or build me a small racing wing. I ll update this post with videos and photos at later stage.

All in all i was pretty happy with the skywalker x6, however there are some major design flaws. the most obvious one is the over sized body, there is no way to use all the space provided (even when i cut out most of the foam) i had to add substantial weight in the back to balance 2 x 5000mha 3s lipos. I think the model looks better on paper than i reality :)

Most of the stuff is reusable on my next build.


Post crash and video shows clear pilot mistake, i lost orientation and throttled back and spin out. The model is actually reparable, there is no damage to wings and electronics. The fuselage is however bit broken but could be repaired fairly simple, however i refuse to fly around in something that look like crap so few new projects is being planned.  Ill ad some photos of the crash results at some point.


The wings are completely unharmed (safely stored away, if i ever build a new Skywalker X6) The front took all the beating as photos shows below.

Skywalker X6 2015-09-12_19.28.24 2015-09-12_19.27.27

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