New projects

2014 Skywalker 1800mm

New projects

With the death of my Skywalker X6 i decided to re think my FPV strategy and made some decisions. I will build myself a new Skywalker 1800 (2014 years model) for endurance / long-range FPV. I have many hours behind my 2012 Skywalker 1900 and I know exactly what to do and not to do to make it exactly as i want it. I have no plans in flying tens of kilometers out (it could easily be done). I will stiffen up the wings and my aim is to have it comfortable cruising about 100km/h. I have also decided to build a new 250 class FPV quad, ill build it around the naze32 and sunny sky 2700kv motors (~400w each). It will be a rocket!

1,5kw mini quad

This is simply going to be my racing quad, it will have nothing fancy when it comes to electronics. Just your basic naze32 controller and small board camera.  I will stick with GHz to remain compatibility with my ground station (it rocks!!, check out my earlier post). Each motor will draw about 28ams at punch out with 6×4.5 props on 3s thats about 1,5kw of pure fun.

Sunnysky x2207 2700kv motors

DYS BL30A mini esc

Naze32 flight controller


Skywalker 1800

ill make it as fast as i can (first on 3s) but prepared for 4s to get some high speed flying with this high wing glider (might be fun) what i am actually looking for is the climb rate there for i want as much thrust as possible even though this is and well never be a speed daemon. I will add two auxiliary cameras to capture some different angels and get some new perspectives while flying. the only thing i need to buy is the frame it self, all the other components were found in the pile of trash or in obsolete models.

Skywalker 1800mm 2014 kit

Master Airscrew S-2 (Scimitar) propeller 11×7

Turnigy D3542/6 1000KV Brushless Outrunner Motor

Range Video OSD

Metal servos all around.

Main flight camera Mobius and two auxiliary cameras

I hope to have better luck with these than with the skywalker x6. Meanwhile ill fly the hexacopter and my baby beast 250 quad. I expect the parts that i ordered to arrive in about two weeks.

Bruce Simpson rcmodelreviews

By the way, not sure if you have seen this but Bruce Simpson from RCmodelreviews were basically announcing that he is forced to close down his channel due to the argument with model flying new Zealand. Bruce have given so much to the RC hobby and i encourage you all to show him support and to contact model flying new Zealand and tell them to get of Bruce’s back and let him fly again. I have done so by posting on their forum  be polite but let the know how you feel about how they have behaved against Bruce.

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