Skywalker X6 build

Skywalker X6 build – the frame

The same day as all components arrived i started the Skywalker X6 build, it was only natural to start to take extensive measurements and dry fit as much as possible. the first mods i made was three plywood shelf’s where to fit battery and various electronics. I added two of these in the front and one in the back. This is the first build log of the Skywalker X6, i will post additional information as i progress in the build.

Upper deck, this is where i placed the UBEC and LC filter

Skywalker X6 build

Lower deck, this is where the battery will be hosted, i can easily fit 2 x 5000mha 3s batteries. On this picuture you can see the try fitting of the UBEC on the upper deck as well.


The third and last shelf was added in the aft compartment, this will make excellent placement of the RVOSD since it spot on the CG for the Skywalker X6.

2015-08-13_19.22.47 Skywalker X6 build

All in all the wings and fuselage had fairly good fitting and it all came together strait and strong.


I early decided to go with orange and black wing tape, the tape is added for two reasons the primary is strengthening the wings and secondly to make it easier to spot orientation once the airplane is up in the air. At key locations such as leading edge, carbon fiber rods and hinges additional reinforced tape was applied to even further increase durability.

2015-08-13_19.34.33 2015-08-13_19.33.58 2015-08-13_19.25.20 2015-08-13_19.25.38

All plastics frame parts were glued with epoxy and all foam parts were glued with Chinese super sticky glue


 Skywalker x6 build log – power train

In the huge battery bay i can easily fit two 5000 mha 3s batteries, this will be the initial power source for the Skywalker X6. It will make due but the amperage drawn at full throttle is about 40 amps witch is bit on the high side for my ESC. I will replace the 40 amp with a 60 amp ESC (just need to bodge it out from another craft first) the 40 amp will manage the test flights without problems. I am powering everything from the main batteries, with proper filtering and UBEC there is no need for separate batteries for camera/video..

Skywalker X6 build Hobbywing Flyfun 40A ECS

The dual out UBEC provides 5V power to both servos, radio TX, Mobius camera and the 12v provide power to the video TX. It works like a charm and has built in battery warning (adjustable voltage per cell). It produces minimal noise / interference.

Skywalker X6 build

I decided to mount the motor as far back as possible (to move more weight aft of the airplane), but with the sunny sky motor this cause a problem since its “impossible” to change the motor shaft direction. This forces me to use the 6 mm threaded shaft instead of the 4 mm harden steal. Why is this a problem? well my folding prop adapter doesn’t accept 6 mm… new one ordered from hobbyking. I need to get this perfectly balanced to avoid problems going forward.

SunnySky 2814-7 kv1100  2015-08-13_19.32.35

Skywalker x6 build log – FPV electronics

I installed the RVOSD on foam pads in additional to the stock rubber suspension, this eliminates basically all vibrations to reach the different sensors. I will clean up the cables as everything is being tested confirmed.


The Mobius action camera was installed using a bodgy pan/tilt mount from Hobbyking, it will do its job but i think i will replace this with something more sturdy going forward. I didn’t have any 360 degree servos in my pile of trash so a normal metal gear servo will serve the pan for now.


Video TX installed in the wing using clover leaf antenna, this looks really neat and will work perfectly.


Dragon link was installed in the other wing, i use PPM out for the flight control’s but i pre-wired all renaming ports for AUX purposes such as pan/tilt for camera, recovery beeper. To make the most use of the 9 ports on the wing D-sub connector i only ran signal cables and one strain of 5v to the radio TX and Servo. I now have (if i ever need it) 12 channels PPM, 4 aux channels and RSSI

Dragonlink micro reciver

Skywalker x6 build log – mistakes

While gluing the the main wing to fuselage plastic components i made small alignment mistake, i think this is pretty common mistake. This causes the locking mechanism not to engage properly, I am not to worried since this is prone to fail after some serious flying anyway. I intend to one hock on each wing and run a rubber band in-between to secure stability and endurance in these vital connections.


While gluing the vertical stabilizer the glue actually melted bit of the foam, not sure why this happened. I have never managed to melt the foam with this Chinese super sticky glue before, assumption is i used to much of it. This caused the stabilizer to be with on an angel and had to be redone. I manage to save it but the aesthetics are not the best. I might add some tape to cover it up.

Besides those two mistakes everything else worked out perfect while building the Skywalker X6


I might have selected the wrong power combination, i will have to make some test flights before i replace anything. I am not expecting any spectacular flight times with this power combo, i might change it to a high voltage 6s system to reduce the amperage significantly and there by greatly increase the flight time. Still the efficiency is pretty good on mid throttle, so mealtime flight tests will be the decisive factor.

power train data

Additionally when adding throttle i get some wave patterns on my video feed, I have LC filters and no ground loops so i have basically eliminated any electronics faults. I think it is due to  vibrations, the video TX is picking up the vibrations from the motor even though the propeller is perfectly balanced. I have added some vibration dampening to the video TX and first test flight will give indication if this will work or if i have to replace the Video TX.

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