Skywalker X6 my ultimate FPV wing

Generic photo of the Skywalker X6 win

Purpose of building my ultimate FPV wing

Basically i have been flying my quad copter, hexacopter and my Skywalker 1900mm for several years but now i wanted something new and different. The original Skywalker has served me well but it lacks the agility and speed that i am looking for in FPV. The different copters does exactly what i want them to do but the airplane not so much, the original Skywalker is more or less an endurance air frame capable of flying well over an hour and for many kilometers. that doesn’t suit me at all today especially with the current laws and regulations that applies in Sweden. All together i wanted to build something that is bit more agile and portable, the X6 frame looks like a good fit for my needs. I will post my build log as it proceeds on the blog (i expect the delivery of the kit next week)

Parts list for my Skywalker X6 build

Most of the parts except the Skywalker X6 kit and the motor were already available in other models that i have built before. I will reuse as much as possible to keep the build costs down and to avoid filling up my limited space with even more junk. Power setup will be around my stack of 3s lipo batteries (I might upgrade to 4s for even more punch)

Dragonlink micro reciver
Dragonlink micro reciver


Next steps

Well as soon as the parts have arrived then i will start the fun build process of the Skywalker X6. I will emphasis on getting everything as professionally installed as possible. This will be the basher for many flights to come (I hope). I will at the same time upgrade my ground station, its just a mess of cables, goggles, pvr, receivers and much more all put into a sloppy wooden box.

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