Ultimate racing FPV quadcopter

Ultimate racing FPV quadcopter

Ultimate racing FPV quadcopter philosophy

My original mini quadcopter was all fine and dandy but as with everything i wanted more… much more so i went crazy on the power setup for my ultimate facing FPV quadcopter. I built this racer based on the SunnySky X2207s-11 2700kv motors with DYS 30amp opto ESC’s and a Naze32 as the flight controller. Most of the bits were already available but the motors had to be bought. Since i race my quads pretty heavy (FPV gear and rather large receiver on a composite Chinese frame) i went completely bananas with power :) in retrospect what ever i decide to put on this quad it will still be over powered (well so it seems today…)

Ultimate racing FPV quadcopter Ultimate racing FPV quadcopter

The maiden

Since the motors arrived today I couldn’t stop my self to try them out, at 20:00 CET in Sweden its pretty much pitch black in late Septemebr but hey.. I had new motors! It hovers on 1/5 throttle.. i didn’t dare to punch out but at 60% throttle the climb rate were just insane.. I might have  hold 60% throttle for about 1 second and it went sky high… its a rocket! I only took one battery with me a A spec Nanotech 1300mha (according to the mobius action camera i flew about 4 minutes) and when I came back home it held about 11.47v (3s), so i think ill get plenty of flight time out of these batteries on this quadcopter.  Due to my nana flying and the fact that it was pitch black outside there is no point in posting the video, but i think.. well i know i will have to fly it tomorrow again. Nothing got warm, nothing fell apart.. beside the darkness and the wind it was a perfect maiden flight! On the maiden flight I used 5×4 props it seems to be enough for now but it will not take long until i put the 6×4’s on there to that extra grunt!

Ultimate racing FPV quadcopter Ultimate racing FPV quadcopter

The part list

Frame: Kim250pro

Motors: SunnySky X2207s-11 2700kv


Flight controller: Naze32 

Video recording: Mobius Action camera 

FPV Camera: Generic small factor camera

FPV TX: Generic 200mw 5,GHz transmitter

Battery: 1300 mha A spec nano tech

UBEC: Turnigy  

Radio RX: FrSky D8R-II PLUS 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver

Maiden flight

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