Marlin 45-70 government

Marlin 1985 45-70 goverment

My Marlin 45-70 government

I have been looking for a 45-70 addition to my gun safe for some time and i was very pleased when i found a Marlin 45-70 government made in 2003 (before the tragedy with Remington). I have since then made it into something freaky by adding a huge silencer and red-dot sight. This is very far from the original look of the gun that i first fell in love with.

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The gun was made in 2003, this was important for me with all the bad reputation from newer guns produced in the Remington factory. The silencer is made in Sweden by Stalon, it has very god reputation and i simply love it.

2015-08-23_19.13.49Marlin 1985 45-70 goverment

I will primarily use this gun when hunting wild boars and of course having a blast at the range. Ill post some shooting movies later down the road.

Bullet compassion

Just for the fun of things i decided to compare the 45-70 government “torpedo” to some of the other calibers i had laying around. On pictures are few of my home loads and casts together with some factory ammo. I might share some of my reloading techniques and setup at some point.

From left to right: .22lr 9mm .38special .357 magnum 47-70 government


From left to right: 9mm cast bullet .357 cast bullet and 45-70 government


45-70 government torpedo’s home-loads



The Model 336 is ranked the #2 all-time leader in U.S. high-powered sporting rifle sales, after the Winchester Model 1894. Since 1948, over 6 million Model 336 rifles have been produced. Introduced in 1972 and named in honor of the Marlin Model of 1895 (produced from 1895–1917), the current (New) Model 1895 rifle offered in .45-70 caliber utilizes the same Model 336 receiver design and lever action mechanism used in the Marlin Model 444. The New Model 1895 is also available in the more modern .338 Marlin Express.


Caliber: 45/70 Gov’t.
Capacity: 4-shot tubular magazine
Action: Lever action; side ejection; solid top receiver;  deeply blued metal surfaces; hammer block safety.
Stock: American black walnut pistol grip stock with fluted comb; cut checkering; rubber rifle butt pad; tough Mar-Shield® finish; swivel studs.
Barrel: 22″ with deep-cut Ballard-type rifling (6 grooves).
Twist Rate: 1:20″ r.h.
Sights: Adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear, ramp front sight with brass bead and Wide-Scan™ hood. Solid top receiver tapped for scope mount; offset hammer spur (right or left hand) for scope use.
Overall Length 40.5″
Weight 7.5 lbs.


Marlin 45-70 government user manual

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